Why You Should Consider Microblading

Why You Should Consider Microblading

Microblading is a less permanent form of tattooing that is used to create semi-permanent eyebrow makeup. Traditional tattooing is permanent because the ink and needle penetrates seven layers of the skin, while microblading only penetrates three layers. Microblading is perfect for eyebrow makeup because the small needles and superficial depth of the ink creates hair-thin lines that perfectly resemble eyebrow hairs lying on the surface of your skin. Microblading equipment may look a bit intimidating: a hand-held blade consists of at least 7 microneedles. There are multiple benefits to microblading your eyebrows though.

The most obvious benefit that probably appeals to women everywhere is that having a microbladed brow means you spend less time drawing on your face in the morning. Getting your brows perfect every morning is a process, and sometime you just need an extra 20 minutes of sleep before work. Microbladed brows can last between one and three years. That’s a lot of extra sleep! The best part is that microblading is relatively painless. Your brow artist will use a numbing cream that makes sure you will feel no pain during the process.

Microblading equipment

Microblading is also a great option for those who suffer from hair loss from chemotherapy or diseases such as alopecia. Microblading began in Asia originally, I order to help cancer patients who had lost their brows due to chemotherapy.

Microbladed ink doesn’t change color, it only fades a bit with time. A session only takes about an hour and a half, and the process is safe and painless in the chair of a professional artist. Microbladed brows don’t smear and you can’t sweat them off. They require no maintenance. It’s an easy way to gain a full and natural eyebrow that will last a long time for as little hassle as possible.