fashion dresses

What are the essentials of a woman’s wardrobe?

Deciding what to wear can be a fun thing to do or it can be a nightmare. You obviously want to look good, to wear the latest fashion dresses and shoes but how do you keep up?

It turns out that if you have a few basics in your wardrobe you can play tunes on those themes and always look good.

The white t-shirt

With the right white t-shirt, you can be ready for almost anything that is not hyper-formal. Add it to jeans for a casual look at the pub, wear it with a skirt or slip dress to work.


For those who don’t know, LBD equals little black dress. This is your go-to formal wear. But you can get away with it in other situations too. Is it a swanky restaurant? LBD will do it. A wedding? LBD with a shawl and a hat will be a hit. Some would argue everyone needs an LBD. They might have a point.

fashion dresses

A good blazer

It can make all the difference. When it is not cold enough for a coat, or you want to up your smartness level, add a blazer. It can bring jeans and the white t-shirt up a level too.

A crisp white blouse

If you need to take things up a little, a crisp white blouse immediately talks professional you. Pair it with the blazer and a skirt for a job interview.

There’s much more to the list, where’s the black tank we do all need and what about shoes?  But the main point is you don’t have to have a wardrobe heaving with clothes, 9/10ths of which you don’t wear

Rethink your essentials and either place them reverently back in the wardrobe or lose them. You” feel better for it anyway.